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Learning from a loving llama.
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Sometimes heroes are surprisingly fluffy! Luis Llama is a perky tale about a little llama who lives in Peru! When danger comes, he has a funny solution! This hardback book is gorgeously drawn, with a sunny spirit of gentle kindness. (English written language)

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    "Hit For Baby And Mum N' Dad"
    By Jasmin T , 09 May 2020
    Love this book. We've been reading this to our 10-month-old for a few months. She gets really engaged by the llamas' big eyes, and the story is sweet and doesn't get old for the parents. Both the writing and illustration are top notch.
    "A Great Book!"
    By Anonymous , 13 Dec 2019
    A lovely book that I read to my class. They all loved it and enjoyed the beautiful illustrations inside!
    "Unlikely Story Of Fluff Vs Tough"
    By Anonymous , 17 Sep 2019
    A llama from Peru, not Paraguayan,
    Saves the herd from a mountain lion.

    Underdeveloped, with no spit or kick,
    He finds that just being cute does the trick.

    You’ll enjoy every letter, word, and comma
    About this brave and fuzzy llama

    The perfect story for girls and boys,
    Sure to help Jellycat sell stuffed toys
    "Big Hit With My Girls"
    By Alex , 27 Jul 2019
    My girls (3 & 4) loved this book. Lovely story, beautiful illustrations and an important lesson in conflict resolution!
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