Our global commitment

At Jellycat we have a zero-tolerance approach to the counterfeit industry. Our Jellycat designs and quirky characters are precious and we are vigilant in our efforts to protect our intellectual property rights and preserve the Jellycat brand for future generations. Our aim – to create the most luxurious soft toys with the highest safety and quality standards for our consumers. We invest heavily in designing soft toys and we are committed to protecting them for the safety of our customers. 

The cost of counterfeits

Counterfeiting is an illegal activity that not only impacts the Jellycat brand but leaves our customers and fans exposed to unsafe soft toys. Although purchasing a counterfeit may seem like a ‘good deal’, the social and human costs behind that purchase should not be underestimated. The counterfeit industry has well documented links to modern slavery, child labour and organised crime and unfortunately it’s an industry that continues to thrive. Counterfeiters are becoming much more innovative and brazen often infiltrating social media sites and fan groups to reach a wider audience. Watch out for individuals purporting to sell ‘genuine’ and often substantially cheaper Jellycat soft toys online or using Jellycats unique designs to manufacture Jellycat toys to order – this is a service that neither Jellycat or our authorised stockists offer. We are committed to providing our customers with the safest, softest and most luxurious cuddly characters possible, we can only vouch for your Jellycat if purchased through our authorised stockists. 

Brand Protection Team 

At Jellycat Headquarters we have a dedicated Global Brand Protection team responsible for monitoring online and offline infringing activity. We conduct investigations daily across all levels of the supply chain, social media channels, websites, marketplaces and take regular action to ensure both the online and offline market remains as free from counterfeits as possible. We will continue to protect our designs and monitor the market to ensure our consumers, fans and partners are protected from the dangers associated with counterfeits.

Purchase genuine Jellycat soft toys!

Jellycat can only guarantee the safety, quality and ethical standards behind a Jellycat soft toy purchased from an authorised Jellycat stockist. If you have any questions about authorised stockists or suspicions the product you purchased is a counterfeit please contact our Brand Protection team at: [email protected]