As an approved official Jellycat retailer, we require the following brand guidelines to be respected and adhered to, ensuring you align
with the Jellycat brand. Please note that these guidelines are incorporated into our Supply of Product Terms & Conditions (“Conditions”)
and therefore form part of the agreement between us. You are advised to carefully review these guidelines and the Conditions (an in
particular, clauses 10 and 11 of the Conditions). We reserve the right to update these brand guidelines from time to time.
References to “Brand” in these guidelines means the trade mark “Jellycat” and the “Jellycat” logo, all Jellycat product names and any other
brand name, trade mark, trade name, logo used by Jellycat from time to time in connection with its products.
All Brands are trade marks and service marks of Jellycat Limited and can only be used in accordance with these guidelines and the

Appearance and Brand Colours Usage

• Your attention is specifically drawn to clause 11.1 of the Conditions.
• You shall ensure that the presentation of the Brands shall be consistent with Jellycat’s own use of the Brands in
comparable media.
• Do not: change the proportions, positioning or colours of the Brands (which includes the Jellycat cat and the Jellycat
London text forming part of that logo); adapt the Brands into any other logos; reproduce the Brands on any packaging or products; use any Brand (including the Jellycat logo) on any bricks and mortar retail fascia or window signage, unless provisional design imagery is presented and fully approved in writing by Jellycat Head Office; Jellycat reserve the right to request changes or removal at any time unless approved; or use any combination of Jellycat brand colours within any website/ digital design selling Jellycat toys nor on
any physical usage- including but not limited to retail fascias, packaging items or merchandise items sold
alongside Jellycat designs.
• Jellycat may provide you with additional written guidelines for the size, typeface, colours and other graphic
characteristics of the Brands from time to time which shall be deemed incorporated into these guidelines.

eCommerce and Retail Outlet Sales

• Your attention is specifically drawn to clause 10.1 of the Conditions.
• You are only entitled to retail products via those eCommerce platforms/websites and physical retail outlets set out in
the relevant approved Order.
• You shall prevent digital false advertising of Jellycat products to avoid consumer misinterpretation, for example: the
size of the item which is being advertised in relation to the item they will receive upon purchase, or whether the
image contains a book and a toy, but does not clearly state that ‘items are sold separately’.
• You must ensure that you comply with your obligations at law when selling online (and advertising Jellycat products
online), including the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

3rd Party Platform Selling

• Your attention is specifically drawn to clause 10.1 of the Conditions.
• You must not sell Jellycat products on any third-party platform including social media, Whatsapp groups or any similar
• Stockists must not knowingly sell Jellycat items to a person or company who intends to sell on, using such associated
third-party platforms. As a reminder, you are authorised to sell directly to consumers (and not wholesalers, resellers or
retailers) only.
• You must not request Declarations of Conformity on behalf of your customers- please redirect them to a Jellycat Head
Office representative.

Social Media

• Your attention is specifically drawn to clause 10.4 of the Conditions.
• You must not disclose, forward or share any imagery or information of any of our new collection launches on any
social media platforms or public forums before the specified Jellycat launch date.
• You must not share any internal emails or communication exchanged with Jellycat Head Office or a representative
directly on to your social media platform.
• You must not set up accounts which include the name of any Brands (including the word “Jellycat”) or “jelly” in the
handle/ account identity.
• We ask stockists to respect in any communication or social media post, the uplifting and playful spirit in which our
toys were created.

Digital Assets

Digital assets of Jellycat products are available upon request.
• You acknowledge and agree that such assets are the copyright of Jellycat and if made available to you, Jellycat is
doing so at its absolute discretion (which it may revoke at any time).
• You shall not pass on any digital assets to any 3rd party for usage.
• You must not use any Jellycat intellectual property (including any Brands) in connection with, or as part of a replica or
similar product and/or sale of non-Jellycat products.
If you are creating your own digital assets for eCommerce purposes, we ask that you:
• Take care in the presentation of the product; eyes are fully identifiable; fur is shaken out and colour is depicted on
screen as per in real life.

In-store Merchandising

• Hanging kimbles should not be added to merchandise our products, where it can be avoided; any designs that are
intended to be hung will come with a method by which it should be hung.
• Please do ask if you would like to receive any Jellycat best practice visual merchandising guidance.

Consumer Experience

• Stockists must manage and take responsibility for the customer service facing relationship with the consumer in
relation to your Jellycat sales, seeking advice and guidance from Jellycat when necessary but not relinquishing
partnership responsibility.