Storm Octopus

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Catch an ocean wave, or eight!
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Storm Octopus is a bubbly sort, and you would be too, with eight amazing tentacles! Squishy and cheery in terrific teal, this softy is scrummy to curl up with. Shake hands and feel the scruffled cream fur beneath, then let go and pyoinggg - there's a spring in the step!

Safety & Care

  • Tested to and passes the European Safety Standard for toys: EN71 parts 1, 2 & 3 for all ages.
  • Suitable from birth. Huge and Large sizes - please do not leave in a cot/ crib.
  • Hand wash only; do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron. Not recommended to clean in a washing machine.
  • Check all labels upon arrival of purchase.
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    "Travel Buddy"
    By Lou , 18 Aug 2021
    My first Jellycat! I named him Tiny. He's lovely and accompanies me sometimes when I need a comfort object away from home. Great quality as always, and he can cling onto my hand with his tentacles!
    "10 For 10"
    By Sprig Tara , 17 Aug 2021
    So I bought my first ever jelly cat at a really low point in my life. I named my Octopus Squidy and that's how he stayed. He's super soft, the tentacles are constructed wonderfully and his face is warm. I love my snuggle buddy! He's always been there for me. But snug bud when needed!
    "Good For Fidgeting, Snuggling And Dealing With Summer Seasonal Depression"
    By L , 07 Aug 2021
    I never had jellycat before but heard really good (and funny) things about them. A person working in a book store saw i was sad and handed me the octopus to see how soft it is.... i loved the way they constructed his tentacles! so good to fidget with. Bought him asap and hes my snuggle buddy since then-what i like most is even in the scorching heat it keeps very cool.
    "Lovely Little Guy"
    By Any Rocky Dove , 15 Jul 2021
    I'm a college student and I purchased 2 sizes of this plush. These are probably the first plushes that I have purchased since I was in middle school. They're both great and have a decent amount of heft while remaining very light. I got these partially as an aid for my skin picking disorder. The tentacles are very springy and comforting to toy around with. They have a nice texture on the underside that is satisfying for me to dig my fingers into. Altogether I'm very happy with my new desk and bedtime buddies. They look very cute sitting around and I'm not ashamed to have them.
    "Love All Your Plush Creatures"
    By Kirsten , 17 Jun 2021
    Absolutely love this kritter! I bout the Odelle Octopus first a couple years ago but it’s looking a little shabby so decided to buy a back up. My mom also just HAD to have one too! I’ll be forever a customer. I have over 50 items on my wish list so I better get back to saving for more Jellycats! I just bought 5 😂.
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