Toothy Shark Soft Toy
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      • Some people say that sharks are scary, but they haven’t met lovely Toothy Shark! Looking cool in ocean blue, even his fins are super-soft. This goofy soft toy just can’t stop grinning and showing his pearly whites. And the way he keeps them so white? He’s actually a vegetarian, and loves nothing better than a seaweed sandwich!
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    • Toothy Shark Reviews

      • 03 July 2016
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      • Toothy Shark
      • Bought for my daughter because she collects Jellycats, but when this one arrived i feel in love with it, so i might have to buy another one xWould you recommend it? : YesBy Paula
      • 28 October 2015
      • Rating
      • I Love Him, I Love Him! I Love Him
      • Simply known as Jelly Cat Shark In my house - he is perfect. I am an adult and I cuddle the medium.on every night and I don't care because he's gorgeous!
        I wonder what else I can add to my collection!
        Would you recommend it? : YesBy Amy Lees
      • 16 October 2015
      • Rating
      • Toothy Shark Review
      • Mike, our shark, is now family. He's wonderful in every way. I mean really, there has never been anything cuter.Would you recommend it? : YesBy anonymous
      • 04 June 2015
      • Rating
      • A Shark With Legs!
      • Beautiful and huggable. Our daughter described him as the best thing she had ever seen or hugged. The teeth are so friendly and smiling too. Fantastic.Would you recommend it? : YesBy anonymous