Molly Mouse Soft Toy
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      • Announcing the next guest: chic, Molly Mouse! This merry mouse is always dancing, her pink floral dress twirling prettily around her. She loves all music, but the cheesier the better!
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    • Molly Mouse Reviews

      • 24 May 2016
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      • Lovely!
      • This little mouse is so lovely and soft! Little ones will adore her.
        5 stars
        Would you recommend it? : YesBy anonymous
      • 31 January 2015
      • Rating
      • Lovely
      • We bought this for our 9 week old daughter as we just love the Jellycat brand soft toys! Our son has the slackajack blue elephant and the bashful monkey so we chose this one for her and it's just gorgeous! Such a lovely toy and I know it'll be a firm favourite as she grows up! I've already spotted out the bashful giraffe to get for her 1st birthday! Great toysWould you recommend it? : YesBy anonymous
      • 26 August 2013
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      • I Am In Love With This Little Mice
      • Last year someone give the Molly Mouse as a gift to my 5 years old daughter. I have to say that I am absolutely in love with this toy. Her name have been change for Moussy and she goes with us everywhere. Incredibly I never been so attached to a toy like with this one and would be nice if you have dresses to buy as an addition as yesterday my daughter lost it and now Moussy is naked :)Would you recommend it? : YesBy Caro