Charmed Lily Kitty Soft Toy
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      • This quirkly cute critter from Jellycat is perfect for an abundance of affection! Super soft to touch and weighed down with beans in it's bottom, it's hard to ever put down. A Jellycat's sense of adventure has always been huge and they are ready to accompany wherever you may be going; high up in the mountains, flying through the sky, climbing in the trees or just enjoying a fresh summer's breeze. A snuggle and a hug are optional along the way, but you may not be able to resist!
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    • Charmed Lily Kitty Reviews

      • 24 July 2017
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      • Charmed Lily Kitty Review
      • The best toy ever it has been made with all the right materials and I don't really know why it's so cheap I just love it it used to take my daughter hours to go to sleep but now it takes her minutes ts
        Thank you jelly cat thank you very very much
        Would you recommend it? : YesBy Issy