Bashful Reindeer Soft Toy
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      • “Terve!” That’s Finnish for “Hello!” Bashful Reindeer comes all the way from chilly Lapland, where he works for a very kind boss, pulling lots of toys in a bright red sledge! He may not have a shiny nose, but everyone loves his fancy headgear! He’s been known to stomp around the snow feeling mighty proud!
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      • 23 December 2014
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      • A Perfect Stocking Filler!
      • I loved this reindeer as soon as I saw him, and was overjoyed that he was one of my Christmas presents. Last year I received the now retired reindeer so they are now brother and sister and enjoy each others company. Silky soft to the last hug, and an adorable plush nose!Would you recommend it? : YesBy Eve Whalley