Odell Octopus

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Tickles and tentacles!
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Get tangled up with gorgeous Odell Octopus! A squishy, splendid apricot octopus, she has so much love to give! Smiley and silly, with bright, glossy eyes, she's a very friendly cephalopod. Odell has eight fine, curly arms with cosy cordy and classic fur. N

Safety & Care

  • Tested to and passes the European Safety Standard for toys: EN71 parts 1, 2 & 3 for all ages.
  • Suitable from birth. Huge and Large sizes - please do not leave in a cot/ crib.
  • Hand wash only; do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron. Not recommended to clean in a washing machine.
  • Check all labels upon arrival of purchase.



    Please leave a review on one of Ocean Life
    By , 15 Oct 2020
    "This Is The Optimal Octopus!"
    By , 14 Oct 2020
    I have both a medium and really big one, and both are sure to fill your heart with joy. You can wrap their curly tentacles around you, pull on them idly, or just cuddle them. Jellycat's exceptional craftsmanship shines through, there's nothing (except the tags) that ever feel uncomfortable on this bad boy, I've had other plushies with bead eyes with that issue but every Jellycat I own avoids this. Perfect for anyone of any age!
    "The Best Octopus Ever"
    By , 06 Oct 2020
    Poulpi est mon ami le plus mignon. Je l'aime d'amour.
    By , 16 Sep 2020
    I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, 4 years ago. And then, now, I see him again. My mom wouldn't buy it, so I bought it myself, and I'll never regret that. Honeyplouf, hugs and kisses!
    "A Good Friend"
    By , 29 Aug 2020
    I love her. I got her years ago when I was a child and I loved putting her on my head like a hat ❤️
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