Tumblie Sheep Dog Soft Toy
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      • His sheep are so smart they’ve penned themselves in, so Tumble Sheepdog has nothing to do! Can you think up some funny games to play? This flopsy pup loves to roll on the grass, kicking up his snuggly grey and cream paws. He also likes to bark, but is very well behaved and will sit and stay beautifully!
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    • Tumblie Sheep Dog Reviews

      • 14 August 2015
      • Rating
      • Brilliant
      • Another Jellycat toy that is amazing quality. Very soft and cute. Very happy with my new friend.
        Would you recommend it? : YesBy Anonymous
      • 06 August 2015
      • Rating
      • Incredibly Soft And Cuddly
      • got for 8 year old daughter and loves it!
        i'd give it 5 stars it is amazing!
        Would you recommend it? : YesBy anonymous
      • 19 January 2015
      • Rating
      • Lovely
      • My baby receive this dog as a present.

        I loved, so i waited for her to be able to role over and it had been since in her cot. She just touch it to confort herself through the naps.

        Thank you jellycat your teddies are the best!!
        Would you recommend it? : YesBy Jules