Toothy Mutt Hand Puppet Puppets
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      • An actor's best friend, Toothy Mutt Hand Puppet can't wait to get up on stage. This waggly wonder has a great big grin and loves to act, whatever the part! In cosy jaffa orange fur, with flopsy ears and a squidgy snout, he's such a silly, the stories write themselves! We can't wait to see what tricks he gets up to.
      • Toothy Mutt Soft Toy Toothy Mutt £20.00
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      • Toothy Lion Hand Puppet Puppets Toothy Lion Hand Puppet £14.00
      • Toothy Shark Hand Puppet Puppets Toothy Shark Hand Puppet £14.00
      • Toothy T Rex Hand Puppet Puppets Toothy T Rex Hand Puppet £14.00