Sleepy Bunny Book
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      • The Sleepy Bunny Book is a charming story of a very mellow lop-eared fellow who only wants a place to nod off. Little readers will enjoy guessing where he’ll go next, and the soft fabric pages make a super soft snuggle buddy for when it's lights out!
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      • 15 November 2015
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      • Terrible Story
      • Baby was bought several comforters of various brands but the only one that came with a gift receipt was the jellycat one so I swapped it for this book. And wish I hadn't. His favourite cuddly toys are the bunnies so a matching comforter might have been appreciated but this book doesn't have much longevity in it. It was nice to have on the pram when he was tiny but hasn't wanted it since about 8 months old (he's now 15 months old)Would you recommend it? : NoBy Tia