Slackajack Bunny Soft Toy
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      • Slackajack Bunny doesn’t bound around much; he’s happy to flop and watch the world go by! Long, squidgy arms and legs and squeezably soft padded paws make this perky-eared pal so very easy to love.
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    • Slackajack Bunny Reviews

      • 04 July 2017
      • Rating
      • The Original And The Best
      • My daughter was given one of these when she was born she is 14 today and still cherishes it. Please don't stop making them. I am sure she will want one for her children. She has enough jelly cat toys to fill a shop but loves this one the mostWould you recommend it? : YesBy Julie Cunliffe
      • 03 August 2016
      • Rating
      • Love It But Need A Large Replacement!!
      • We've had three of these and could do with a replacement of the large one if they are still available anywhereWould you recommend it? : YesBy Dave Stevens
      • 14 June 2016
      • Rating
      • Slackajack Bunny Large
      • Slackajack bunny - the best of the bunch!
        Please bring back the large bunny!
        Devistated family - due to my sons allergies we have to machine wash the bunny and after a while they start to look so sad. We are on bunny number 12 in 8 years! We need more x
        Would you recommend it? : YesBy Toni