Skiffles Dog Soft Toy
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      • Like a double-chocolate cookie, Skiffles Dog is sweet, soft and scrummy! He’s fond of wearing wellies on his squishy brown paws and going jumping over puddles, though sometimes he tumbles in! Give him a kiss on that toffee nose.
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    • Skiffles Dog Reviews

      • 01 March 2017
      • Rating
      • Dogbear!
      • My daughter is 6. Skiffles is her go everywhere bear. We now have 6 more including a tiny one which looks like big version. The original is her favourite. Dogbear as we named him even has a Christmas stocking and present at Christmas!Would you recommend it? : YesBy Sarah
      • 25 February 2017
      • Rating
      • Best Friend
      • My granddaughter was given Skiffles Dog as 1st birthday present from her aunt and uncle. She is now just 2yrs 2months and life would be unbearable without him. He is called Bubu. We thought it was time to have Bubu 2, just in case.
        She has other jellycat toys.
        Would you recommend it? : YesBy Grandma
      • 29 October 2016
      • Rating
      • The Best Toy Dog In The World
      • This dog was bought for my daughter by her Grandma. When she was little she refused to sleep at the childminders - we couldn't understand why- it was because of the dog, affectionately known as Bearbear. We bought a second one for the childminders. She's now 7 and still can't sleep without him. The original is her favourite but she will use the other one if Bearbear has had a wash.Would you recommend it? : YesBy Sarah