Rumplekin Frog Soft Toy
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      • Hug a frog and you'll bounce with glee! Rumplekin Frog is a happy hopper, with a great big grin on his soft green face. This flopsy fellow has unstuffed arms so he's great to grab for a walk or adventure. Merry and mossy, with glossy emerald eyes, he's the dandy of the pond, and a true froggy friend.
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    • Rumplekin Frog Reviews

      • 06 September 2016
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      • Very Cute Smiley!
      • Fell in love with this frog when I saw his smiling, big green face! Perfect size and also very soft! Just love it! Recommend him for any type of gift for anyone!
        Thanks Jellycat! Xxx
        Would you recommend it? : YesBy anonymous