Odette Ostrich Soft Toy
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      • A rather splendiferous quirky bird, Odette Ostrich is a superstar! Her silky feathers are wonderfully funky in gorgeously dusty pink tones, and those squidgy long legs with their fluffy grey fur help her run really fast! This leggy lady may be glam, but she still loves a snuggle with her number one fan.
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    • Odette Ostrich Reviews

      • 17 May 2017
      • Rating
      • Oddette Ostritch
      • Omg just spied her in the window in a lovely little shop in Chippenham whilst on holiday with my sister, just had too have her, she's gorgeous, I'm only very nearly 60 !!!!!Would you recommend it? : YesBy Julyan OliverMXZZ
      • 12 February 2017
      • Rating
      • Odette Ostrich Review
      • I bought this for myself. I'm 62. I knew it would make me smile every day. She does.
        Would you recommend it? : YesBy Mary Walker
      • 02 February 2017
      • Rating
      • Odette Ostrich Review
      • I saw this in a shop and had to have her. Beautifully made all my friends now want one. I'm 62. Your never too oldWould you recommend it? : YesBy Mary Walker
      • 26 December 2016
      • Rating
      • Shes Soooo Fluffy!
      • shes sooo cute and cuderly and I love her soooo much!Would you recommend it? : YesBy Odette the Ostrich
      • 13 November 2016
      • Rating
      • Perfect
      • The best cuddly animal I have ever seen.
        So snugly and gorgeous with a lot of character.
        Wonderful design!
        Would you recommend it? : YesBy Nutez
      • 03 October 2015
      • Rating
      • In Love!!
      • Odette Ostrich caught my eye while we holidaying in Devon and I just had to have him. Absolutely beautify and well made. Lovely size and wonderfully soft and scruffy.Would you recommend it? : YesBy Jo