My Jungle Book
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      • Who could it be with those stripey, furry paws? Are they yours? And how about those fancy splotchy hooves? Whose are whose? My Jungle Book is such a treat for tots, with a soft tie for cots and car seats with pages of fur and fun! Play guessing games, tell tales or simply squeeze those loveable leggies!
      • Breton Bear Soother Breton Bear Soother £13.00
      • Snowy Owl Grabber Rattle Snowy Owl Grabber £11.00
      • Velvet Bunny Soft Toy Velvet Bunny £12.00
      • Petal Bunny Soft Toy Petal Bunny £15.00
      • Jungly Tails Boing Ball Jungly Tails Boing Ball £10.00