Merryday Zebra Soft Toy
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      • Merryday Zebra is such a quirky chap! With his snuggly beige muzzle and big, cuddly feet, he’s a huggable guide on any long journey. Besides, he knows the best places to find grass! This zebra is a perfect pal for boys and girls alike. He’s a curious fella who likes to wander, but you’ll always spot him with that fabulous fur.
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    • Merryday Zebra Reviews

      • 17 April 2016
      • Rating
      • So Cute!
      • This Zebra is so cute! Could not resist taking him home with me.
        I have already got the Merryday giraffe , and loved it when I saw there was a zebra too!
        Would you recommend it? : YesBy anonymous
      • 02 October 2015
      • Rating
      • A Gorgeous Zebra
      • What a gorgeous soft toy. It is huggable and soft
        and the long legs make it easy for a small
        child to carry around. I would definitely
        recommend it.
        Would you recommend it? : YesBy anonymous