Leonard Leopard Soft Toy
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      • 24 January 2016
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      • Brilliant And Adorable
      • Bought this from a local store who stock jellycat - bought as a gift but am SO tempted to keep it !
        So adorable, such character and the sweetest thing you could possess. Just love it !
        Would you recommend it? : YesBy Karen
      • 18 October 2015
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      • Lazy Leopard
      • I had my eye on this for months before I finally decided to buy him today! They're all so different which is great as what you get is 100% unique. The one I bought was perfect, a slightly wobbly head which is fab as he looks so sleepy, gorgeous fur and worth every penny! I highly recommend this leopard to anyone who loves wild animal plush with a quirky take which is what Jellycat does best. Quirkiness! He will live with all his other Jellycat chums and showed off with pride! Well done Jellycat :-D !!!!Would you recommend it? : YesBy Plush Lover
      • 29 August 2015
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      • Such A Realistic Looking Toy! Brilliant!!
      • Laurence Leopard does appear to be the most popular of all your toys.
        I bought one for myself (and I'm 75)! Can I still buy one for one of my small grand-daughters for Christmas? It seems he's still available - and so he should be!!!
        Would you recommend it? : YesBy Dawn Lawrence
      • 10 June 2015
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      • Brilliant!!!
      • I got this with my pocket money and when I saw it I fell in love with it! 'Leonie Lepoard' is adorable, his tail is really long and his eyes are so dozy! Great for hugs when your feeling down! What more can I say?!Would you recommend it? : YesBy Abbie