Breton Bunny Rattle
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      • Bonjour Bébé! The Breton Bunny Rattle is jumpsuiting for joy in candy pink and buttercream! Dressed for play and waving hurray, this little lapin is huggably lovely. Tots can shake this jolie bunny for gentle rattles and lots of giggles. And when they're sleepy, it's time for snuggles with their waggly-eared ami.
      • Breton Bear Soft Toy Breton Bear £19.00
      • Breton Bear Rattle Breton Bear Rattle £10.00
      • Breton Bear Soother Breton Bear Soother £13.00
      • Breton Bunny Soft Toy Breton Bunny £19.00
      • Breton Bunny Soother Breton Bunny Soother £13.00