Bashful Monkey Soother
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      • Bashful Monkey clutches to this silky soft soother, it's just too irresistible to let go of! The soother is rolled up tight and presented with a ribbon, but once undone countless cuddles abound and Bashful Monkey in the corner will keep smiling!
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    • Bashful Monkey Soother Reviews

      • 08 January 2016
      • Rating
      • My Sons Favourite Toy!
      • My son took to this in a big way at around 6months. He's over three now, and still adores 'comforter' as he's called in our house. He's pretty much been everywhere my son has and had to go for manys a dip in the washing machine. He likes to dry off in the hot press too! The monkey did come apart from the blanket one day after a game of tug of war between our two but a needle and thread had him sorted in no time! He's a great colour to be dragged around all the time as he never looks grubby. Excellent quality, a very thoughtful gift my son recieved!Would you recommend it? : YesBy Liz
      • 13 November 2014
      • Rating
      • Much Loved
      • Lovely & soft! My son has been attached to his since he was 6 months. Now nearly 2 it's still going strong & washes well.Would you recommend it? : YesBy Sera
      • 07 December 2013
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      • Soft And Cuddly...
      • My daughter loves her collection of Jelly Cat toys but Monkey is favourite as she twiddles the tail until she goes to sleep. We wouldn't have been able to to fly without it.
        Unfortunately the blanket came apart from the Monkey's grasp after six months so need to replace.
        Would you recommend it? : YesBy anonymous
      • 28 July 2013
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      • Loved Beyond Belief
      • My 6 month old daughter has had this toy since birth we recently lost the one we had and figured we better replace it after several nights of not much sleep (purchased 2 just incase & to enable washing) she loves the monkey and plays with the tail and the super soft blanket get rubbed against her cheek. Top quality fabrics that I am yet to find fault with.Would you recommend it? : YesBy Jennifer Bradshaw