Bashful Honey Bunny Bag
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      • Too much to drag? Our Bashful Honey Bunny Bag is the fluffiest way to carry things for the day! Long lop ears and golden fur will cuddle your back as you skip through the city or along a country track.
      • Bashful Honey Bunny Soft Toy Bashful Honey Bunny £17.00
    • Bashful Honey Bunny Bag Reviews

      • 25 May 2016
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      • Cute, Lovely And Soft!
      • I bought this for my niece when she was 5, because she loved bunnies and when I saw this in the shop I knew the perfect little girl for it. My niece is 10 now and she still uses today! A fabulous item from Jellycat! XxWould you recommend it? : YesBy anonymous