Bashful Blue Bunny Rattle
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      • Do you hear that soothing sound? Someone’s playing with the Bashful Blue Bunny Rattle! This cute bunny has soft blue fur, big flopsy ears and a squeezable bobtail - and that’s not all. When you turn him upside down, he rattles! No batteries needed for this bedtime buddy - just enjoy the giggles from his playmate!
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    • Bashful Blue Bunny Rattle Reviews

      • 25 August 2015
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      • This Bunny Is Wonderfull As Far As Louis Is Concerned!!
      • We're onto numbers 3 and 4 of Bunny's family as they get loved cuddled and chewed much. So now they can jump in the bath themselves and get clean as we've decided to invite more of their twin brothers and sisters to stay. Wonderful !!!...we don't think any of us would have coped and slept without them!!Would you recommend it? : YesBy anonymous
      • 21 June 2015
      • Rating
      • Totally Adorable
      • My 14 month old son loves his 'Barry' the bunny. We now have 5 of them as he likes to suck the arms so we always have at least one in the wash! They are the perfect size for little ones to hold.

        My friend bought one for my son when he was born and at about 8 months he took a shine to him and he is now the ultimate comforter. Upset.......Barry......poorly.......Barry........bumped head.......Barry! This Bunny is an absolute legend! He always seems to put a smile on my little boys face.

        Thanks Jelly Cat! X
        Would you recommend it? : YesBy We love Barry
      • 28 November 2014
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      • Bashful Blue Bunny Rattle Review
      • 'Mixy' was bought at birth for my son - we now have three (he is 2) they have been wash weekly in the machine and he loves them so much - they are such a comforter to himWould you recommend it? : YesBy anonymous
      • 17 July 2014
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      • Oh How He Loves His Bunny.
      • My 2 year old twins were bought a bunny each at birth. My little boy loves his 'dicw' bunny so much I've had to buy 4 of them to rotate sucking duties. I hope he always loves him. So snuggly and lovely even after a trip to the washing machine.Would you recommend it? : YesBy Laura Davis
      • 10 May 2014
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      • Much Loved Bunny
      • Got this bunny for my baby boy when I was pregnant with him,he is now just over a year and has had bunny as a bedtime pal since he was born and wouldn't sleep without him! Blue bunny is very soft and has been hand washed many times without problems as it gets very chewed on! Thinking of getting a second one as a spare! Lovely gift for a baby.Would you recommend it? : YesBy shelly
      • 03 December 2013
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      • Special Bunny
      • He was a gift for my baby boy now 15 months and the two of them are inseparable, Bon Bon as he's known is his sleeptime and any time pal :) Such a beautiful soft toyWould you recommend it? : YesBy anonymous